The JLG 340AJ is a versatile and reliable articulating boom lift that is designed to meet the demands of various aerial work applications. With a maximum platform height of 34 feet and a horizontal outreach of up to 20 feet, this boom lift is ideal for construction, maintenance, and repair projects in industries such as telecommunications, electrical, and HVAC. The 340AJ is equipped with a hydraulic platform that can be rotated up to 180 degrees, providing operators with precise positioning capabilities.

Additionally, its compact design allows it to operate in confined spaces, making it an ideal option for indoor and outdoor projects. With advanced safety features such as a tilt alarm and an automatic platform leveling system, the JLG 340AJ ensures the safety of both the operator and the job site. Overall, the JLG 340AJ is a versatile and reliable boom lift that offers superior performance and safety for a variety of aerial work applications.

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