The Demag CC3800 (650t Lattice Boom Crawler) is a highly advanced and powerful crawler crane that is designed to handle heavy loads . Manufactured by DEMAG, a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty cranes and construction equipment, the CC3800 is built to deliver exceptional performance and reliability in even the most challenging working conditions.

With its impressive lifting capacity of 650 metric tons, the CC3800 is capable of handling even the heaviest loads with ease. making it one of the largest and most versatile crawler cranes on the market.

The CC3800 combines strength, economy, and safety for many lifting applications.

The CC3800’s load capacity of 650t at a radius of 12m provides enough strength to erect wind turbines with hub heights up to 117m / 389.9 ft. without the need for a Superlift system.

The divisible “Split Tray” super lift frame allows easy counterweight uncoupling and the “Flex Frame” adjustment frame can further increase radius.

The optional Boom Booster extends system length to 183m while a class leading fall protection system keeps people on the safe side during assembly and disassembly.

Overall, the Demag CC3800 (650t Lattice Boom Crawler) is a top-of-the-line crawler crane that is sure to deliver the performance and reliability that companies need to get the job done.

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